What Is Tanzant Waterproof Socks ?

Briefly speaking,The tanzant waterproof socks are the special socks which can keep your feet warm and dry when you encounter the water.

Why Our Tanzant Socks Can Be Waterproof ?

The Tanzant Waterproof Socks have three layer:

# The nylon or coolmax blend in outside layer.

# #The OKEO-TEX Porelle membrane in middle layer.

The Nano Copper material in inner layer.

Use Case of Waterproof Socks

Tanzant waterproof socks are a Essential equipment for outdoor activities, whether you are taking professional outdoor sports or general outdoor work, even in the coldest weather or the most wet environment.

# Tanzant waterproof socks all can completely keeps your feet dry and comfortable.   To Wear Tanzant Waterproof Socks you can go hiking, running, outdoor cycling,to play water sports, snow sports,to take adventure,to go hunting, fishing, outdoor gardening etc.

Material Compostion

We use a Nylon blend on the outside of our waterproof socks for durability and because Nylon does not absorb water the way other fibers do.

Nylon blend is also great wear-resistant material, it can keep socks from being worn out for a long terms. Moreover,We also offer Coolmax blend or a Merino Wool blend.  The Wool blend is a good choice if you want that extra bit of warmth.

The waterproof Membrane is an ultra-thin Waterproof Breathable Membrane which is made of a special hydrophilic film, it enjoys  100% of waterproof function.  

On the other hand, The Membrane whose molecular structure allows the membrane to stretch itself.This provides a reliable level of waterproof and breathable protection so your feet don’t overheat during athletic activities.     Meanwhile, the membrane can also exhaust the foot sweat outside

The Choice Of Blended Yarn In Inner Layer Material
#Nano Copper:  100 times of standard washing,the antifungal effect ≥99%.
#Coolmax:   Hign permeable and moisture absorbed material.
#Werino Wool:   Natural wool in Australia, warm keep and permeable quick drying.
#Bamboo:   Antifungal and deodorant effect in nature. #Nylon:   High flexible and wear-resistance.

Four Major Function Of Waterproof Socks

KN95 Respirator Civil Mask

#Washing Requirements
#Preservation Method

 To avoid contacting with sharp objects and to Prevent damage to the waterproof layer.

#Daily wear advice

 No need to wear waterproof socks in ordinary days.