What Is Barefoot Socks ?

The barefoot socks is that when you wear it, you can no needs of wearing the shoes, But meanwhile, The socks can protect you from the scartch.

Tanzant Barefoot Socks is used for the professional or Amateur hiking, sports, jogging, the target is to provide an perfect equipment for people to be barefoot and to close to nature.

The Structure Of Barefoot Socks

The socks are made of Ultra Molecular Weight Fiber Composite Yarn in outside layer and Nano Copper Antifungal Fiber Yarn in inner layer.

The socks is Woven by the special techniques and applied with a special gluing process, it would provides a good sports protection for Tanzant enthusiasts. 

UHMWPE (Dyneema)

UHMWPE is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic material with highly resistant to abrasion and cut resistance.

Natural Latex

The Characters Of Barefoot Socks

We design with five toes type, it helps each toes enjoy enough space to move.

 The dyneema on socks are tough and soft that the users can get the maximum protection.

We use in enviromental compound glue in the socks’s sole so that socks enjoy the high anti-fouling and grip. 

You would get the same feeling between wearing nothing on feet or wearing our Tanzant barefoot socks walking on the ground except the socks can protect your feet.

The Benefit From Wearing Barefoot Sports​

To take part in the Tanzant barefoot sports can hep you to Correct your bad running posture, improving the foot control and joint flexibility, strengthenning muscles and tendons and closing to nature.

You could also reduce your diary pressure by wearing our barefoot socks on feet and jogging across the city and garden.

Children Barefoot Project

The Barefoot Socks is benefit for the children’s development of feet arch and the sense of balance, giving a perfect equipment for children to play on the ground.

The children’s foot have an ample opportunity to feel the earth and explore the environment, and to promote the formation of the arch through different foot grip actions, to prevent from the flat sole and make the toes more flexible.

Washing,Drying And Keeping Notice

#The most convenient and effective way is to clean the latex sole by wet tissue or rag in time after sporting.

#If the sole is too dirty, it could be used in Neutral detergent and normal temperature water (under 30 degrees) to remove the stains and dry it in a cool and ventilated place, But do not use that ways in frequence cuz the UHMWPE and latex could be going through too many washing.

#If you don't want to use socks in long term,we suggest you to wash and dry it thoroughly, and to sprinkle a little talcum powder or talcum powder on the rubber surface, then putting it into a sealed plastic bag, storing it in the dark side without any direct sunlight meanwhile isolating the air.

OKEO TEX Certificate

Standard documents for barefoot socks